11 Makeup Hacks that All Girls should be Aware of

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Every girl loves to look perfect but many won’t have the time to maintain a perfect outlook due to several commitments. We have brought up some tricky makeup hacks that you can implement in your makeup application to make it much easier and most probably a time saving one. In this article, I have listed some top 17 makeup hacks that will definitely help in your day to day routine.

#1 Use Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup Setting Spray (source)

If you prefer for your makeup to last for a longer time then it is advisable to go for a makeup setting spray. Before starting your makeup application spray this liquid all over your face to create a shuttle base for your makeup.

#2 Use Concealer for Liner

Eye concealer for liner

Eye concealer for liner (source)

Going wrong with liner is the biggest tragedy but it is much more difficult to correct the mistake. So, here I have a trick to overcome this, yes use eye concealer to correct the liner mistakes and create a perfect eye makeup look.

#3 Use Lipstick as Eye Shadow

Lipstick as Eye shadow

Lipstick as Eye shadow (source)

We all love to try different eye shades matching our outfit but it won’t work out perfectly with darker shades. Use your matte liquid lipstick as eye shadow by just following the above picture.

#4 Fire your Dry Eyeliner

Fire your dry eyeliner

Fire your dry eyeliner (source)

Worried about your dried eyeliner? we have got an old yet an interesting makeup hack tip for you. Keep the flame on your eyeliner tip using the candle and let it melt a little bit. This will make your dry eyeliner to moisturize and makes it easier to apply.

#5 Fix the Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy Mascara (source)

If your mascara gets clumpy or dry then follow this trick to regain it back. Add a few drops of contact lens solution or eye drops to the mascara and shake it a bit. In sometime your mascara will turn it into a brand new tube and ready to reuse.

#6 Double the Eyelash Density

Double your eyelashes

Double your eyelashes (source)

Why you need to go for false eyelashes when you can make it your own lashes! apply one layer of mascara to your eyelashes and let it dry then dab some baby powder over the lashes and give a second layer coating of mascara, once it gets dried you can see your eyelashes to be thicker than before.

#7 Use your Liquid Makeup Completely

makeup hacks

Courtesy-Twitter| @wethefashion

Don’t throw away your used over tubes just because it seems to be empty. You can cut the tube into half and scoop the makeup from the tube and store it in a plastic pots. This makeup can help you for few days through which you can save money on makeup.

#8 Get Back your Broken Eye-Shadow

Get Back your Broken eye-shadow to new

Get Back your Broken eye-shadow to new (source)

Worried about your broken makeup palette, then follow this trick to retain it back. Take the shattered pieces of the palette into a container and crush up the chunks using a spoon then add few drops of alcohol to moisturize the powder and bind it well then transfer the cream into the makeup palette and allow it to dry. Once it is half dried use a paper towel to dab and cover it with a flat surface and press it for sometime this will sop up the alcohol into the towel. Leave the palette to dry for a day and then your palette will be ready to reuse.

#9 Reuse Mascara Brushes

Reuse mascara brushes

Reuse mascara brushes (source)

If you want to reuse your mascara brush that you really like then don’t throw away it when your mascara is gone. Clean the brush using tissue papers and use it again with other types of mascara.

#10 Create a Perfect Cupid

Lip liner for perfect lipstick

Lip liner for perfect lipstick (source)

Use your lip liner to to draw a outline in your pout area and then mark a vertical line on inner lips using the liner then gently apply your lipstick all over the lips you will get a perfect matte finish lips.

#11 Prime your Lips with Concealer

Concealer for lipstick

Concealer for lipstick (source)

It is not that primer alone can give a great look for your lipstick, even concealer and foundation can double your lipstick look. All you need to do is just use a wet makeup sponge and apply concealer onto your lips. Then after few seconds apply the lipstick of your choice on top it with lip brush. This will make the lipstick color muted or dull.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the article of general makeup hacks every women should know about and try this 11 makeup hacks for girls on your day to day routine and make the best use of your makeup products.