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Hi, I am Thulasi and I am a 46-year-old Makeup artist with 12 years experience. I was a school teacher till 2002, but the makeup was always my passion. I paid in advance twice for a makeup course, but I couldn’t join because of health problems. I finally learnt makeup in Shaman’s beauty college in Bangalore in 2004. I practised there for 2 years and worked with VLCC for 6 months. I studied an advanced course and moved to Chennai in 2007. I worked on more than 400 brides.

Once, when I went to the parlour to get my eyebrows done, A bride was getting her hair done. I observed that and replicated the same on my sister in law who had her wedding the same day. The entire family appreciated it. This was the turning point and made me decide to take up makeup full time.

I get inspiration from videos, TV shows, and from my brother in law’s has a photo studio. I got an order from them. I was very nervous for my first order. I made a to-do list and prepared myself. The order was successful and boosted my confidence. Now, I have a team of 5 girls working under me. I want to develop and reach greater heights.

The Highlight of my career:

A client booked my service for her engagement. She was very impressed with her makeup and booked me for the wedding and party makeup for 23 guests. They’ve referred me to their family functions and while waiting for a client in the lobby, a random person saw my vanity box and wanted me to do her makeup. There was no room ready, so I took her to the restroom and got her ready within 10 minutes. She was extremely happy. The happiness on the bride’s face keeps me going. My friend circle has grown multifold.

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8 thoughts on “TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Thulasi

  1. Congrats thulasi mam.. I am really happy for you and you are an amazing artist.. I am glad that I booked you for my engagement and you did a great job that made me to fix you for my wedding as well. Your soft nature and your talent will make you reach great heights..

  2. Really thulasi mam made my day v special with her hand work.i booked her for my wedding.she is blessed by God bcoz her hands do such wonders on her client face.really appreciatable.thanks mam for your wonders on my day.

  3. Hi Thulasi this is mohana. Happy to read your success story. You are the good and excellent artist and also such a wonderful friend to me. Your makeup is so beautiful and very realistic one. Especially eye make-up is so good. You did excellent makeup to my daughter for her puberty function. Particularly the kerala style makeup was too good. All my friends and relatives said that makeup was very nice and excellent. Thank you so much and God bless you all. Good luck 😊

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