TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Sujatha Ashwin

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I’m Sujatha and I’ve been a Makeup artist with TBG from 2015 October. Let me begin by saying that I started my career with TBG the year I learnt makeup too. I come from an educated family background. My dad worked as Assistant Commissioner of sales tax for Karnataka and my husband is a renowned lawyer in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

I am currently a mother of a 14 year old daughter. I am an architect and interior designer by degree. I practiced and won a gold medal in interior designing course in Chennai in 2006 for topping the Institute. Whatever I do, I put in 200 %. That’s my policy. I worked hard and did well for ten years in that field. I earned well and became the top interior designer and builder in Ooty.

I was passionate about my job. Perceiving that field, I always dressed well and helped others dress well for their weddings and functions. I would always be called the best dressed in any event. I would also get brides dressed in my family and helped them with designer blouses, hair styling and makeup. My cousins and relatives would use the products I had to beautify themselves. I slowly learnt from YouTube videos and became good at eye makeup from 2011. When the world of internet started changing, I too changed slowly.

But I suddenly felt an urge to do something more relaxing, as my job was stressing me out. So, I first started searching for the best institutes abroad to do a high-end course with airbrush. I applied and got it also. But I decided to try Indian artists and institutes. I googled many artists and did a lot of research. After a while, I found a person called Vydurya in Bangalore who gave me makeup classes with internship as I had only one month to learn everything as I had a family back in Ooty who I couldn’t leave for long.

I took up makeup classes from her in the morning, and hairstyle classes from Deepa, another artist in the afternoon. I also did an internship during those days as it was peak wedding season.

I learnt and mastered every bit of makeup from her. Initially, I did makeup for friends and relatives and worked under Vydurya. I also got to work in the cinema industry through my close friend. My learning experience was amazing.

I must share this special incident as it’s very close to my heart. My senior allotted me my first personal bride from my hometown and that bride was happy with my work and came home paid advance and trusted me completely. Those were tough days as my dad was bedridden with Brain haemorrhage I was still stepping out every now and then and dressing few friends and known people for their occasions.

I had a friend who was getting engaged in Bangalore. I was dressing her up and my brother called me telling me that my dad’s condition was a bit serious and to please come after work. I couldn’t even hold my brush but put all my courage and dressed the bride and it came out really well. Then I rushed back to my native place. My dad passed away by the time I reached.

The next day was the big day for my first bride who trusted me. I didn’t know what to do. I requested a colleague to help me and go and do the makeup. She agreed and left to help that bride. After my dad’s cremation, I asked my mom if I could leave to see that the bride was okay. She permitted me as she felt I should rather be occupied than sitting and crying. I felt we had no right to spoil anyone’s big day if we are having a bad time. I wanted to face this day of an emotional low versus career growth. I went ahead and reached the hall and did makeup after my dad’s cremation and it all went well. My work was blessed by my Dad. From that day, there was no stopping no looking back. His blessings and my hard work today have made me an independent freelancing makeup artist.

I have built my own clientele list. I have worked on over 300 brides and 300 other makeup sessions. I have worked with many cinemas and models and also worked at Prasad Bidappa associates, Van Heusen and Maya Ad Agency.
I also run a makeup academy, giving self-grooming and professional courses which include
makeup, hairstyling and sari draping. I also offer them an internship till they learn and give them the opportunity to work with me in all my works.

I am the most travelled makeup artist as most of my brides are work-station brides. I am enjoying travel and work. I witness different customs, traditions, temple weddings, and build a family of clients. Happy brides, their happy faces, positive vibes and blessings make me feel like it’s a wonderful journey of becoming the best makeup artist.
I do a very natural looking makeup which makes the bride look naturally beautiful, not only for the camera – but there won’t be a lot of layers of makeup. It is very natural and gels with their skin. The transformations are awesome. I get stunned many times seeing what makeup can do to someone.

Till today, makeup hasn’t left my hands and I haven’t left my brushes. They are my life. Makeup has given me life. I must say that I am blessed. In this whole journey, I live being connected to TBG from my initial days. I build a rapport with the brides and give them skin regimes and keep their expenses low from the parlour to guiding them with flowers, saris, etc., till all their requirements for their D-day is met.

My assistants are like my sisters and we are all family now. We all work day and night to make these beauties beautiful brides. It is a good profession to be in. The transition from an architect to makeup artist wasn’t a cakewalk with my family in a hill station and travel being challenging, but by God’s grace, I am able to manage, and I hope I will do so in the future also and get more blessings.

Signing out,
Sujatha Ashwin
With my story here as a good makeup artist.

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