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I am Ponni from Tulips Beauty Care, Nanganallur. I am from Tirunelveli. Born in a big rich family, in my school days I used to do Mehandi designs. I am an MA Graduate. In 2002, I fell in love and got married. We moved to Chennai where my husband worked as an assistant director. We lived happily, despite lack of money for basic needs.
My husband earned Rs. 1500 per month and our house rent were Rs 1500.

My daughter was born in 2003. We lived happily, but it was hard to take care of our daughter without money. I lived with my daughter in my mother’s house for 3 months, and in my mother-in-law’s house for 5 months, but we still suffered a lot. Finally, in the middle of 2004, I came back to Chennai and decided to earn. But I was not interested in being a teacher. I was interested in Mehandi. So I went to a parlour nearby in Nanganallur and asked them to give me a Mehandi order. I gave them my address and contact number. The next day I got an order and earned Rs.100 for bridal Mehandi on both hands and legs. That was my first earning in Chennai. Within a week, I started to apply Mehandi for 8 parlours. I earned Rs. 3000 per month. Some owner of the parlour asked me to join as staff and learn a beautician course without payment. But I was asked to sign an agreement for 5 years with a salary of Rs.5000. So I refused.

I started to learn the basic beautician course in a parlour and do home service. From that earning, I learnt makeup in that parlour and did freelance makeup for that parlour. Without any support, I took my daughter everywhere and did my makeup. I saved my earnings and bought gold coins (per gram 600).

In 2006, I joined in Dharmambal Polytechnic for a diploma in cosmetology. With my savings, I opened a second-hand parlour on may 11th 2007.

In 2013, I got a stomach pain and a scan revealed that I had a cyst on my ovary. So I needed a surgery. But I had lots of makeup appointments. So I finished all my makeup appointments and got admitted for surgery on June 25th, and sent the cyst to Apollo Hospitals for a biopsy.

They diagnosed it as a 4th stage immature teratoma (cancer). I was totally disappointed and felt very bad, but I had to face it. I needed another surgery to remove another ovary and the uterus. I got admitted within 11 days and got another surgery. On September 1st, I started to do makeup again. I started earning. With my makeup, I felt better. My husband and my daughter encouraged and saved me. They supported me. After this, I want to enjoy my life and I want to live my remaining life happily.

Now I am happy, I am fit and I am beautiful. I am successful. Now 4 staff members are working in my parlour. I finished 3500 occasions (above) bridal makeup. With my earnings, I bought 3 houses in Chennai. I proved wrong everyone who insulted me in my starting days. My average monthly income is Rs. 4,50,000 only with makeovers.

My annual income is Rs. 30 lakhs and above. I am a one-woman army. I am a survivor. Love made me overcome this world, this life, and this disease. I love to do makeup. I admire the work of others. I am happy with my brides. I am enjoying my life.

My first earning was Rs.100. Now I have reached a considerable height. I can move even higher towards more successful records. I can.

Thank you

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