Dear Brides, TBG is an online association of bridal studios, artists and designers, and we function only through virtual networks. You may contact us on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or even Gmail. Call  9710408986 for further enquiries.

TBG is a forum for different freelance bridal artists, studios and designers to come together to provide service of a high standard to brides all over Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. Contact us on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or even Gmail. Call  9710408986 for further enquiries. You will be assigned an artist nearest to your locality.

TBG provides Hair, Makeup, mehendi and sari draping, jewelry sale and rentals, poojadai and garland designing, cosmetology and nutritionist services, blouse stitching and reception wear designing, and photography and videography.

TBG is an association of freelance bridal studios, salons, designers and artists, giving them a platform to market under a high standard. Brides only need to pay the artists for their services according to their package.

The cost of services like hair and makeup are fixed, depending on the package you choose. For services like mehendi, jewelry rental and blouse stitching, it depends on the pattern you choose.

Artists are assigned based on your locality. Those available on the dates you need and nearest to you are assigned to you.

The artists are assigned according to your convenience, those nearest to your locality and available on the required dates. After a trial with your artist, if you are not satisfied, we will assign a different artist for you.

TBG functions throughout Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. You can contact us on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or Gmail. Call 9710408986 for further enquiries.

We do provide sale of Jewelry as well. Jewelry sale is a different category from rentals and our classic rental pieces are not normally available for sale, although you may talk to the jewelry team if you wish to buy them.

You are welcome to come in person and select the jewelry pieces you want.

We have jewelry shops all over Tamil Nadu, and many especially in Chennai.

The makeup artist does provide a trial session for Rs 2000, which is free if you confirm a booking.

The makeup artist assigned to you is usually located near your locality, and so your trial won’t be too far away from where you live.

If there is no jewelry shop in your area, you can choose the sets you want through whatsapp, and the pieces will be couriered to you.

The mehendi artist assigned to you will show you the designs from which you can choose the one you want. You can also provide other pictures to give the artist an idea of the pattern.

Brides can give inspirational photos of patterns or designs that they want for our artists to replicate.

Pictures of previous work of artists is shared with NRI brides who confirm bookings online as it is convenient, but on a personal basis, sharing of pictures is very limited.

For NRI brides, blouse stitching and lehenga designing, the booking needs to be made six months in advance. For hair and makeup , the booking must be made four months in advance, and for all other services, the booking has to be made a minimum of three months ahead.

We do not provide lehengas for rent at the moment.

Yes, many NRI brides have used TBG’s services. You can contact us on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or Gmail. You can leave us a message on our facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

TBG does provide lehenga customizing which is on hold at the moment, as we are preparing to bring about lehenga customizing on a bigger and grander scale!

NRIs and brides from other places who arrive only shortly before the wedding can send measurements through whatsapp, and once you arrive, can have a fitting after which alterations can be made if necessary.

Yes of course, TBG offers cosmetology, including  treatments like micro dermaembrasion and chemical peeling, which removes blemishes and dead cells permanently, making your skin glow naturally on your wedding day and long after!

Our makeup artists are experts in their field and have dealt with different types of skin tones often, and know exactly how to fix the unique problems of each bride. They will not use harsh makeup when they know that it might affect the bride later on.