Self Care, Mindfulness & Energy Therapy Workshop

A woman of today’s time is not restricted by the boundaries of her household. She travels places and works round the clock as any other professional man. She is pretty much conscious of her look and appearance. She’s some one who works to earn a high dignity for herself and make an identity of her own. Being one such modern woman you need to pay attention to every minute detailing of your overall appearance. Just getting a wardrobe of branded clothes and accessories isn’t enough. You need to understand what kind of makeup and hair styles will suit you, in accordance to your apparels for different events, places and purposes. For all these you may refer to hair styling workshops or bridal hair styling courses offered by TBG. read more read less

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Three hours fully power packed Self Care, Mindfulness & Energy Therapy Workshop.

Learn to live the life in the right way.

Full access to the workshop, which includes yoga asana, guided meditation, therapeutic exercises, group processing, and tangible tools to take out into the real world.

Duration: 3 Hours

Only limited seats available – As we have limited number of seats in our courses, fees paid in part or full against the workshop is non-refundable. * If you attend our workshop as a group, you may be eligible for great deals on tickets.
The TBG Self Care, Mindfulness & Energy Therapy teaches you the science behind Weight,YOGA. MINDFULNESS. GROUP THERAPY. EDUCATION, STRESS REDUCTION TOOLS.Such workshop sessions give you the following advantages:

Through group processing you will connect with a compassionate support system, find relief through sharing, feel the power of compassion, and learn tools from each other.

Through yoga and meditation you will calm your nervous system, practice mindfulness, become more present, and build self-compassion.

Through Mindfulness , you will learn to be more aware and less stressed in ways that fit into your everyday life.
Do You sit infront of computer all day ?

Do you travel in office bus/ train for more than 2 hours?

80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in workplace.

Are you gaining weight due to stress? That’s stress fat.

Always Feeling Tired? How Tired Is Too Tired?

Have you learned and read all about self-care ,diet and weight reduction, but none of it sticks?.

Like many other busy, smart women you understand the negative effects of stress. You may also know about mindfulness, the importance of saying no, and making self-care an integral part of your life. but, you’re still stressed, struggle to stay on track, and want to genuinely feel better.

This is a call to women who want to make real, sustainable, life-long shifts in their everyday lives through.
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