TBG Sari Draping Workshop

Are you a big fan of wearing Saris? Do you want to drape for yourself for all nalangu and small pre and post wedding occasions? Do you know which style suit your body type and height? Doubtful? Then our TBG Sari draping works hop is just for you! Sari draping style is an art in itself. The humble eight yards give you a traditional yet absolutely graceful look. Much to your surprise, there are multiple fashionable ways of draping the eight yards. Get to learn and master them all with the help of the TBG Sari Draping Workshop. read more read less

Sari Draping Workshop
Attendees are requested to bring 4 Saris for the workshop: Chiffon Sari, Cotton Sari, Kanchipuram Silk Sari, and a heavy work synthetic Sari

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: 2000 INR per person

Only limited seats available – As we have limited number of seats in our courses, fees paid in part or full against the workshop is non-refundable. * If you attend our workshop as a group, you may be eligible for great deals on tickets.
You will be trained in graceful ways to drape a normal Sari from the very beginning till the last pinning. Separate training will be carried out for draping different types of Sari like shiffon, cotton, heavy Kanchipuram silk, heavy worked synthetic, etc.

You will be given assistance in how to pin for different styles like the formal style, casual style and party style including variations in them. One exciting element here is that you get to know how to change a normal style into a Gujju or Rajasthani or Coorgie style, or even Mermaid style-double/triple draping. Many of us although know how to wear Saris, find it difficult to carry them for longer duration. Join this workshop and know how to maintain the border on the hip, upper pleats, lower pleats, doing the necessary adjustments for Sari worn in the tunnel technique way, etc. If these weren’t enough, this Sari draping workshop will also teach you, how to make a readymade Sari so that it can be worn in 2 minutes before any party or any kind of functions.
This brief workshop is designed to help you gain a preliminary understanding of the different types of draping styles, and techniques to help you learning the tricks. The workshop will make sure that you can drape the Sari perfect on your own without any help from your mother, sister, friends or whom so ever.
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