TBG Fashionista Saree Draping Workshop

Are you a big fan of wearing Saris? Do you want to drape for yourself for all nalangu and small pre and post-wedding occasions? Do you know which style suits your body type and height? Doubtful? Then our TBG Sari draping work shop is just for you! Sari draping style is an art in itself. The humble eight yards give you a traditional yet absolutely graceful look. Much to your surprise, there are multiple fashionable ways of draping the eight yards. Get to learn and master them all with the help of the TBG Sari Draping Workshop.       read more read less

Saree Draping Workshop in Chennai
1. How to drape a normal saree from the beginning
- Normal chiffon
- A Cotton
- Heavy Kanchipuram Silk
- Heavily worked synthetic

2. How to pin up for
- A formal style
- A casual style
- A party style
- Variations of party style

3. How to change normal style into
- Gujju style
- Coorgie style
- Mermaid style-double/ triple draping
- Raj Rajasthani style

4. How to maintain the saree for a longer duration
- The border on the hip
- The upper pleats
- The lower pleats
- Adjustments to be done 'The tunneling technique'

5. How to make a readymade saree so that it can be worn in 2 minutes before any party/functions.
Date - 10th Mar-2019, Sunday

Duration: 3 Hours (3 pm to 6 pm)

Venue: T.Nagar,Chennai
Price: 2000 INR per person if you book before 1st Mar-19 (Early bird offer)

Price after early bird offer - 2500 INR per person

Registrations for the workshop is now open. You will be invited to the workshops on first cum first serve basis.

Only limited seats available – As we have limited number of seats in our courses, fees paid in part or full against the workshop is non-refundable. * If you attend our workshop as a group, you may be eligible for great deals on tickets.
Attendees are requested to bring 4 Saris for the workshop: Chiffon Sari, Cotton Sari, Kanchipuram Silk Sari, and a heavy work synthetic Sari.
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09 Jan, 2019

Most useful and fun workshop! Would definitely recommend to every young women interested in wearing saree

12 Sep, 2018

Thanks to TBG saree draping workshop. The handson was both fun and useful...I have never tied a saree before attending the workshop but now i can drape a saree like a professional..i have learnt more than 4/5 styles in saree..TBG instructor was so patient and friendly....thanks again

04 Jul, 2018

Useful and I learnt the techniques of saree draping and was taught in simple way.

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