About TBG

TBG Bridal Store is an online association of bridal artists, designers, and salons for South Indian Brides. It is a forum that makes the best bridal artists in town easily accessible and affordable for brides and is dedicated to making brides look like queens on their special day.

TBG offers Hair and Makeup services, Jewellery Rentals, Mehendi, Fashion Designing, Beautician services at home, Cosmetology, Photography and Videography, Poo Jadai and Garland designing and also the services of a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. All these services are provided by top notch professionals with years of experience and delivered with utmost sincerity and dedication.

TBG’s packages are designed keeping in mind different tastes and budgets of brides and to cater to each individually.

TBG Wedding Store is a pioneer in the field of online wedding planning and has made the bridal experience of over a 1000 brides each year easier and stress-free. Thanks to TBG, all brides have to do now is visit our website, give us a call (+91 9710408986) or reach us on Facebook or WhatsApp (+91 9710408986), and have the chosen bridal service delivered their doorstep!

TBG also conducts workshops for Makeup and Hairstyling, Sari draping, jewellery making and Smart Bride and Zumba classes! TBG’s workshops in Bangalore and Chennai were roaring successes, and we intend to carry the traditional forward!TBG wishes you Happy wedding planning brides!

Women Empowerment with TBG

Empowering women and girls with more choices and freedom is crucial to achieving a better future for all.

At TBG, we believe in empowering women with confidence and positivity. We present opportunities to women so they can both skill themselves and advance in career.

Our vision for women

One of our visions is to encourage women to pursue their passion in the bridal industry while financially supporting themselves and their family. We have hundreds of female artists and vendors who work with TBG. We take great interest in knowing their story and helping them benefit through TBG, thereby helping them reach their financial goals. When women are empowered to earn an income, they reinvest part of their income back into health, education, food, children, family, and the community. We aim to develop the sense of self-worth and empowerment in women with an ability to contribute to the economic growth of their family and the community.


TBG recognises women who are breaking the glass ceiling and challenging stereotypes through initiatives, passion and hard work. We take great pleasure in acknowledging such women and crediting them for achievements.

Training and Mentorship

Education is the most powerful tool for women empowerment. TBG offers numerous training opportunities for women, including workshops to develop their skills so they are able to support themselves financially. To support women’s career growth, we develop and run customized, innovative workshops in different parts of South India that is designed to equip women. This opens doors for women to gain confidence, get inspired and build expertise.

Work opportunities at TBG for women

We believe our country needs more self-sufficient women and more female role models. So we offer more benefits and opportunities for women who can’t go to an office to work. TBG’s work from home job opportunities for women has created an expert team of talented women who work from home and yet play a very important role in the running of the business.


We are continuously laying a strategic growth plan for women improvement. We want to build a community of strong talented kind women who support each other and aid in the progress of our society.