5 reasons to avoid wearing used Gold jewelry for our wedding

by TBG Admin in Bridal Guides |


1. A Jewellery set is actually not a complete set. It’s a mix and match, and most times becomes a mismatch! :/
13435572_561992993973719_5497328337799621768_n.jpg2. Gold sets at home are not big enough to be bridal wear. Brides need to wear jewelry bigger than the usual size because they’re brides!! 😀

3. Gold jewlery belonging to our mothers and grandmothers are traditional and old. They may be close to our heart but as they’re old, they appear old too.  😉

4. Yes. You have all your jewelry at your house bureau locker. But where is nethi chutti,vangi and odiyanam?! Mix of gold and imitation jewelry is NOT a good choice. 😀

5. To top it all, we as brides are going to flaunt many sarees during all the occasions. If sarees are going be different,jewelry should be too. We cannot wear the same boring old gold sets in our lockers!  😉

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