10 Things all South Indian brides can Relate during Weddings

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1. The over-enthusiastic aunts offering to put MAKEUP for the bride and the bride desperately trying to get away!

bridal lehenga

2. ‘Traditional’ mother-in-law and her refusal to let the bride wear a lehenga for the reception.

3. Fiance and his Vijay sethupadhi ‘Pahhh’ look after the bride’s makeup!

4. The harried Dad shouting for bills of gym, diet foods,makeup,cosmetics,jewels and most importantly thinks candid photography as waste of money.
5. Wedding guests who think they’re being funny asking ‘kalyana kalai enga?’ And even looking closely into your face to see if they can spot it!
6. The mother who heaves a sigh of relief as the Knot is tied, but later looks teary-eyed.
7. The friends who crash your wedding whether you’ve invited them or not, and come extra early for every function, to ‘help out’.
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8. The uncles who feel very important and run around looking busy. (Especially at the dining room).
bridesmaid package
9. The sisters and cousins who annoyingly insist on getting makeup from your professional makeup artists! They are more excited than you and have the most outrageous fun at YOUR wedding!
10. The bride herself, torn between two minds. ‘My wedding is finally here! My special day! Wow!’, and, ‘Omg. Everyone’s looking at me. Being the centre of attraction feels so weird.’

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